Meditel 2004 held at the NIMHANS convention center in Bangalore on the 10th and 11th of December 2004 was a great success with a record turnaround of delegates from India ,Brazil, China and other places. MCSI wishes to thank one and all who made this conference a real success.

The conference was inaugurated by Prof U.R.Rao of ISRO and the welcome address was given by the organizing chairman Dr.M.G.Bhat. There were seven sessions per day with breaks between two sessions. Every delegate was given a kit, with a brief conference schedule, and note books for making notes.

The topics covered ranged from Hospital Information System to Virtual Reality. Each delegate was given 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes of question time was given Per delegate. In this way a effective interaction was enabled. The main highlight of the conference was a Remote Video conference with Dr. Wallace of Edinburgh in UK.

It was a true medical industry and medical professional partnership , with displays from Aethra, Prognosys, Sun Micro systems, BSNL, Unified technologies participation, with Coffee board serving the coffee to keep delegates awake.

Medical computer society of India will strive to organize such conferences in the times ahead to bring the synergy of Medical computing with the practitioners of technology. This will also be an opportunity for beginners and professionals to seek a platform on which they can share their ideas and make use of newer ones in their practice of telemedicine and Medical informatics.

Quite aptly the president of MCSI Dr.Sunil Shroff had set the theme of the conference to be "Technology bridging the gap". This will make a new beginning for india's glory in Telemedicine and Medical informatics.

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